Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dori's musical 8th Birthday party

Every year at about this time, I start to get into the so called "Christmas Spirit" and actually enjoy all the parties, festivities, baking, etc., etc. It takes me this long because that is when I've completed Dori's birthday party. See, December is my most stressful time of year. Dori's birthday is Dec. 7th, Jason's is exactly a week later on the 13th, plus there is Christmas.

This year Dori really wanted a big throw down since we are now living near family. Of course, I was all for this...wanting to give to my child the wonderful experience of having grandparents at a birthday celebration. So....she chose music as her theme (how could I ever deny that??) and we had a good ole' time.

I lament the fact that no one captured a shot of the AWESOME guitarist we had, Stephen Mcneill. When Dori told me she wanted a "Music Party" I knew we had to have live music. Stephen is a friend from church and we play together on the worship band, and I'm forever grateful he was able to play for us and make the whole night that much more awesome. If you are in the area and need a guitarist, get in touch with Stephen! He will be worth it. You can check out his band, Philedelphia here for contact info. I just listened to some of their music and it's very good. Check 'em out! Plus, he has a really cool wife and brand new baby, Ella. Just love that name.

While it was a wee bit...uhm...crazy with all the kids, screaming, squealing, laughing, running, and all that a party entails, it was worth every bit of *crazy* to hear Dori say at the end of the night that it was "the best Birthday she ever had." I can only imagine. I never was able to have both sets of grandparents together for a party when I was younger. I'm so glad we were able to pull this off for my baby girl. Now if I could just turn back the clock a few years....

Aunt Amanda got this beautiful cake for Dori. I love the staff at the bottom!

We turned the office into a craft room for the girls. They made ornaments and other Christmas-y creations
This was one of the gifts Dori recieved. It's a ceiling tile turned into a bulletin board. What a cute idea!

I had cake duty...Noah ice cream. Noah is very serious about his jobs. Ha!

This is Jason's grandfather. We call him "Big Daddy." I love the hat he is wearing...reminds me of my Dad.

This is Papa Neal and Judson. Judson got punch in his bottle. It was a good day for him, lol.

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