Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day in the life....

Sometimes I think about my life and wish certain things were different (don't we all?). Then other times, I breathe in deeply and thank God for His perfect provision for me. I may not be the most organized person. I may not have it all together. But I really, really like my life and I'm thankful to God for each new day I'm given.

I like Jason's work schedule. It's a bit odd, but then, we've always had a nontraditional family schedule and work schedule. He works Mondays, Wednesdays, and every so often Fridays from 8ish to 5ish. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he goes in around 11 and comes home anywhere from 8 to 9pm. I enjoy that those days are more relaxed for us as a family and since I home school, the kids are here and get to spend time with Dad. As some of you know, I'm not a morning person. It has been a struggle for as long as I can remember to get up early. I'm thankful for God's provision for me in giving me a husband who enjoys getting up early. And I really, really love how we can have a slow start to our mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Today Judson woke up first (as he usually does) and Jason brought him into our nice warm bed to snuggle a bit before really getting up. Jason and Judson have a neat relationship! Judson is *many* times going to his dad for comfort over me. This is new for us, but I think it is sweet that they are tight, lol. I just love Judson and his snuggling ways.

Judson dozed off and on for about an hour and then Jason got up and carried him into the kitchen for breakfast. I got to snooze a little longer. See how my husband is so gracious and kind to me????:)

About that time, James came in to snuggle with me (as he usually does). I turned on the tv so he could watch a little bit of cartoons. Eventually he left the warmth of the bed for more interesting adventures like finding his bullet and getting his gun set up. This is a daily ritual.

Dori came in not too long after, and reminded me via a message from Dad, that I had to go to Longview today to meet with my friend Debbie to learn all about how to set up a sound system. I pulled myself out of bed and tried to get ready as quickly as possible to meet Debbie.

I made a mental note that I am in bad need of major organization in the clothing department. We have too much and not a good system for the clothing we have. I got convicted that I need more organization and stewardship in this area. I prayed for God to help me have victory.

I did not eat breakfast but Jason made me a mug of coffee for the road. I said goodbye to everyone and quickly left for the 20 minute ride to Longview. On the way, I reflected that I have MANY areas in my life that need attention. I called Jason to tell him that I wished I was better at some of these things. I felt down and discouraged about it and convicted that I hadn't spent time in the Word this morning. He advised me to cling to Christ (great advice) and said he was right there with me. Thank you, Lord, for Jason and his wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy.

I spent the next 2 hours walking around with Debbie (who seems unlimited in her skill and talent musically) learning how to set up and tear down a portable sound system and where certain cords go and how to make it all work. I am leading the worship for our Ladies Retreat the first weekend in February and thus, need to know exactly how to do this. I was thankful today, that I am still learning new things musically and that God is continuing to stretch me to be used of Him. I am really excited about the retreat and praying for Him to speak to both me and all our ladies attending.

Meanwhile, Jason spent those 2 hours hauling lots of wood. Micah assisted and they worked super hard to stock our supply. Dori looked after Judson and James played for the most part. Jason also instructed the children to clean their rooms, which they did.

I forgot to mention that Jason is off work today because he has the Friday rotation tomorrow.

Next, I drove home, thanking God for all the neat things I learned and praying about the retreat and which worship songs He would want me to pick. I called Jason to check in at the house. Everything had been going fine, except that Judson had refused to go down for a nap and was giving Jason a little bit of trouble. When I got home, I set out to get something to eat and learned that the kids had already eaten. Since we are completely out of groceries (!) I found some leftover quiche in the freezer. Not the healthiest, but it worked.

I cuddled Judson for a while after I ate and we played a bit together. Then I put him down for a much needed nap, which he resisted at first, but then quickly resolved himself to.

James wanted to cuddle some, too, so we did. Dori did a chore to earn 15 minutes of "screen" time and presently Jason and Micah are back outside working on the wood situation. I am writing this blog post...ha!

When Judson wakes, we are going to load up and go grocery shopping. Aldi's first, then probably walmart for the items Aldi's doesn't carry. On the list are tons of healthy veggies and other low fat food, a la 2009 being here and all. We plan to make a stop at the Salvation Army, since I haven't been in forever and have several things on my list that might be there. I am a thrift shop addict and try to go regularly when I can. I keep a running list of things we need or that I want and see what I find. I just love finding something that we need or want for a buck or less instead of paying costly retail prices.

After our excursion, I will unload all the groceries and put them away in our newly organized kitchen. I'll begin cooking dinner then, too, which is Hamburger casserole. I might make Dori and Micah do a few lessons each for school at the bar while I cook, although we usually do not do school on J's day off. But we are a bit behind from the holidays, so....

The children will be required to pick up the family room before dinner and Jason will likely help with that or move some boxes that I've asked him about recently.

We will eat dinner and then all help with kitchen cleanup. J will load the dishwasher; I will bring things to the sink and clear the table; Dori will sweep; Micah will wipe the table, and James will throw away any trash. Judson will stay in his highchair until the sink is clear and will most likely get a sink bath.

The kids will then start the before bed routine which involves putting pjs on, brushing teeth, washing hands and face, tidying rooms, and getting that last sip of water. Dori and Micah will read until lights out at 8:30. James will lie quietly--probably with his gun. Judson will babble in his crib and then fall asleep. As for me and Jason.....we will most likely relax together watching a little tv or I might surf the net or we might read together. Just depends. He will want to go to bed early, since he has to be up early for work. I will probably talk his ear off about the kids or the day or learning all about sound systems until I notice that he is mysteriously quiet and not responding to me. I will read once I discover that he is asleep and when me eyes start to droop, I'll put the book away, turn out the light, and go to dreamland with the rest of the family.

The above is a day in the life of the Hardage's. It is transparent and real. Not perfect or even close, but filled with God's grace. I'm so thankful for my life and family and so thankful that God continues to change us with each new day.

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