Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. We are done with school. Summer is presently being enjoyed to the max!

I couldn't possibly write everything that has happened over the past month and a half, so I will just pick up right we are today.

This week is super busy. But all good things kind of busy. Monday I was in a funky kind of mood and struggled with procrastination and motivation to do the mundane. You know, such things as laundry (endless loads), straightening, cleaning bathrooms, cooking, etc. etc. I could write a million posts about my battle with domestic duties. Some days I absolutely love taking care of the house and my family. I love being in the kitchen and the smell of clean clothes coming out of the laundry machine. But other times I feel like I'm suffocating under the dull tasks ahead of me. And they are never-ending! I know all you women out there relate. It really take a right heart attitude to accomplish the things I am called to do, but yeah...some days are tough. Monday was like that. Until............

After dinner I left Jason in charge and went down to the church to continue in the recording process. We decided to use the grand on stage to lay down about 5 piano tracks. Ok, this piano is like silk. And it calls to me, lol. Seriously. There is no other way to describe it's gorgeous and enticing sound. It is a specially made Shiguru (think I'm spelling that right) Kawai, and it is pure bliss to play. I get lost in the sound. Anyway, it made the whole day better to play it and work on music. I'm so thankful to be able to do this. :)

Tuesday was relaxing and much, much better in the daytime than Monday. This was partly because I had a nice visit with a friend. And that encouraged me.

Today I am back at the laundry game and took a break moments ago to write another song. It's all about following Jason wherever he goes. I guess you could say it's a love song of sorts, but it stemmed from a reading of the book of Ruth. I'm super excited to play it for him, because I know he will love it. He always loves songs about him!

Tonight we have church...the children or doing water events. They will LOVE that. I have band practice.

Tomorrow we are going on a "triple" date with two other couples to a restaurant in Memphis called Texas de Brazil. This place is supposed to be THE best steakhouse around and I've been told to not eat anything all day for full enjoyment. We are so thrilled to have an evening out together and consume copious amounts of red meat! Yay for beef.

Friday J will be home and I'm sure we will do something fun as a family. Perhaps go to the park or grocery shopping (yes, actually that *can* be fun!), or work on the new swimming pool. I'm meeting my friend Stephen to practice some music in the afternoon, which is always fun.

I hear screaming in the background so this is all for now!
Love to all

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