Sunday, March 30, 2008

Purrrrrrrrrrrovidence Bruins

Yesterday night our church family went to see the Providence Bruins vs. Portland Pirates. That's hockey for those of you who don't know. This was only my second hockey game EVER, and boy was it fun! My first experience with hockey was a Memphis game J took me to when Dori was a wee babe. I absolutely loved every minute of it until the first fight broke out. If you haven't ever been to a hockey game, let me just tell you that it is fast-paced, loud, and brutal. There's lots of "roughing," "instigating," and "fighting" going on. And it's all a legal part of the game. I wasn't prepared for that and I'll admit it disturbed me a bit. Yes, I am publicly admitting I am a total wimp. Yes, my husband is thoroughly embarrassed I am admitting this! I think some people go to the games just for the fightin'. Personally, I could do without it, but it is intriguing to watch grown men pound each other without risk of going to jail for assault and battery. Heh.

Micah is very intense about sports. So is James, for that matter. I sometimes wonder how it is possible that I, the artsy, musical, never-played-a-sport-in-my-life-girl, have *3* rough and tumble boys--two of which are already obsessed with all things sport. It matters not the particular game. It matters not the particular team (well, Jason has pretty solidly made them Cardinals and Cowboys fans, but they are open to others). It matters not the winning and losing (yet). Micah and James are seriously serious about watching the game. They get it honest--and it ain't from me! Check James out in the background of this picture.
This was Dori and James' first hockey game and they both loved it, but for different reasons. James sat perfectly still in J's arms taking the game in, while Dori practically stood up and danced to all the loud music that periodically came on. YMCA, Sweet Caroline, and the "Hey" song--oh yeah, she totally boogied and yelled with the rest of the fans. No bashfulness in that child. Such a free spirit, that one.

All in all, we had a wonderful, fun-filled evening. It was very late when we finally got in bed, but it was worth it to create such a great memory. Since hockey is such a hit around here with the boys, my friend Linda suggested I come up with a "penalty box" at home. A place to put the boys for "roughing", "instigating", and "fighting." I love it....and I am totally going to do it.

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