Monday, March 30, 2009

Eclectic Picture Set

I was vacuuming, and Judson grabbed his "vacuum"....notice he is sporting Dori's PINK crocs. :D

Apparently Judson is quite happy in his oversized pink shoes and without pants.

These next 4 pictures are Dori and Micah playing with a toy called connectagons. They are so fun!

Ok, don't laugh. I had to take a picture for posterity's sake of some of the awesome deals I got at this week's grocery trip. Horizon organic milk marked down to $1.25 per 1/2 gallon; 2 free ritz boxes; Free Cascadian Farms organic granola bars; and Free gallon of Schnuck's milk. Yay for freebies!!!

At our local park a few weeks ago

This is Micah right before we ate Indian. I made Chicken Tikka Misala and it was so yummy!

I know you were just dying to see a picture of Chicken Tikka Misala, lol.

James and his bowl

Micah mashing potatoes. See, I told you this would be eclectic.

Little Judder decided to get into the cabinet that houses jars and glass rocks. He was practicing his counting!

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