Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Mayhem

Alright...something happened tonight that is just absolutely blogworthy in every way! Tomorrow is my 31st birthday (hard to believe, but yes, those years do thankfully, keep rollin' by). My sweet, funny, wonderful friend Ann brought some very nicely decorated cupcakes to our Sunday evening class that J teaches. This was such a nice surprise! The cupcakes were delicious and frosted to look like a giant ice cream cone. We're talkin' GOBS of yummy frosting! At least an inch thick on the top. Anyway, I brought home the leftovers to let the children have some. As I was picking up a bit around the house, I suppose I left too much time between visits to check on the children and this is what I saw when I finally returned to the kitchen:

What you have here is approximately 6 chocolate cupcakes that have been smashed and squished to smitherines. Notice a random slice of bread ended up in the mix . Also some broccoli on the far right. Mercy.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the culprit, now does it? My little sweet and precious and cuddly and warm and wonderful as he is, had managed to completely cover his face with frosting.

Wait for it......

Little bit more..........

Okay, here we go..................

Oh my word. Just to be clear, that is a very thick layer of frosting on his face. Not sure the camera does it justice! LOL

Well, then.

At this point a parent has two choices: react in anger and punish the child for his misbehavior while away from direct parental supervision; or simply accept that this is one of those times in life where a bit of laughter and temperance will probably help the whole situation immensely. I laughed. And photographed. And carried my sticky 3 year old straight away into the bath tub. Yes, I did lecture James about how even though mommy laughed *this time* it would not be okay for him to repeat this frosting adventure anytime in the near future!

The funniest part about the whole that earlier in the evening when I picked James up from his class at church, he had in his hand an early Mother's Day gift. It was the sweetest, most innocent looking picture of him:

Now is that not absolutely hysterical??!! :)

And finally, a shot of Judson and his cup cake mayhem:

Ah, being a mother is truly a most wonderful thing! I cannot think of a better way to welcome my 31st birthday than to blog about my little guy. His squishy goodness, even with a layer of frosting on his face, is so perfectly wonderful and I am so wonderfully blessed, well, it's hard to put into words. I know one day, years from now and God willing, I will ache inside wishing to return to these times. I will remember with longing my little James and the cupcake incident. I will certainly never forget this birthday! Thank you James for that!


  1. That is hilarious!! I'm so glad you were able to laugh about it! Is he by any chance 3? Just wondering. Hope you have a great birthday! BTW, the pirate cake was AWESOME!

  2. I love it! Too funny

    ~Jenny Sandiford

  3. I just had to take a gander at these again...James is so priceless! Love it!

  4. I just took another gander at this--James...priceless!!! Love it!