Friday, May 1, 2009

Micah's sleepover

As I type, Micah, James, and two friends Andrew and Nathaneal are quietly chattering and half-way watching a movie. They are sprawled out on the den floor with glow sticks and excitement. Probably a bit of exhaustion, too. I decided to blog about this while I have the moment and I am just a few feet away listening to the fun. :) Our party was postponed due to illness last week, but thankfully, the festivities began this evening in full force and with much anticipation. The above shot is before Micah blew out his number 7 candle. I really can't believe he is seven!

Another friend, Blake, was able to come and hang out for a while, but couldn't spend the night. The boys (a total of 7 earlier with some siblings) spent a good while outside with the wooden swords, shields, arrows and bows. They had so much fun running and chasing each other and only one child came in crying with an injury. Thankfully he made a swift and full recovery. '

It was hard to pull them inside to eat or do cake or really to do anything. They just had such a good time being boys. Around 8pm, as the sun set and it became too dark to see, they finally came in (with prodding I might add) to eat cake and ice cream.

Micah received some very nice gifts right up his alley. The boys had a good time setting up the new toys and they all played very well together. James decided he wants everything Micah got for his birthday. Oh, and speaking of James. That little stinker got into the cake at 4pm this afternoon! He confessed, well, the blue icing all over his lips was a clue, and of course received due punishment. I was able to sort of reconstruct things to a suitable level, but I was quite upset with him. Micah was surprisingly nonchalant. Whew.

The flash on my camera is so good that it appears that the boys are in full light, when actually this shot is completely dark in the room. They were playing quietly on their pallets.
We lit up the lights over the play area on account of such a special occasion. That and I just think it's pretty.

Well, I am about to head to bed, leaving Jason in charge of everyone. Chocolate chip pancakes are slated for breakfast in the morning and more outside play has been requested. I'd say our first ever sleepover at Casa Hardage is trucking along wonderfully! See you all in the morning!

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