Friday, May 1, 2009

Ok, people, today is Micah's 7th birthday celebration sleepover. I worked tirelessly last night to complete the most work intensive cake I've ever made....sadly, the result does not watch the work it took! It was all worth it, though, this morning because Micah nearly passed out when he saw it. You must know that I attempt cake making with the same approach as gift wrapping: with gusto and little thought to end result. I usually do not have the proper supplies/tools for either task and get creative...using whatever I have on hand to get the job done! I have many times wrapped a gift in leftover fabric. Once I actually sewed the material on. So anyway, this cake started out as one thing and evolved into a pirate ship on water. Oy! In hindsight, there was probably a very simple way to do this and create a pirate ship. I used the trial and error method. Oh well! It does taste good and Micah was thrilled and that is all that matters.

Dori is spending the night with a friend so she will be free from "the boys." Three little boys are coming over and we are all so excited! We'll be having pizza, snacks, cake, ice cream sundaes---general junk and mayhem! Thankfully all are well, so we can finally celebrate my big boy.

I thought I would share some memories of my little Micah, as I think about his 7 years on earth so far.

---Micah took two full days to be born. When he finally came, he surprised us--nurses/midwife and all and didn't even cry.

---Micah used to fall asleep while I sang to him in his bed. He would look up at me with the biggest, sweetest eyes until they finally and slowly shut.

---Micah is a climber and I have caught him climbing on nearly every appliance or fixture in our house. Once he managed to figure out how to escape a baby netted tent over his crib. At 2, he had climbed on top of the net and got himself stuck between the top of the net and the crib slats. He didn't cry though, just sat there until I came to rescue him! Ha!

---Micah once put a play plate in the microwave and turned it on accidentally, resulting in a fire department visit.

---Micah tells me all the time that I am pretty and that he loves that I cook for him. This melts my heart.

---Micah gets excited about everything and usually his first words are, "Dori, Dori!!!"

---Micah once told me I better make up with Jason so I wouldn't have to live on the roof (we were reading through Proverbs at the time, LOL)

---When I first found out my Dad died and was overcome with grief and sadness....Micah brought me a tray which had a banana, and flower he picked from outside, and a chocolate. He put it on the bed beside me and just clung to me. He sneaked the chocolate a few minutes later! :)

Happy Birthday, my son! I love you precious one.

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