Monday, July 20, 2009

Hattiesburg Trip

Well, we finally made a trip south to Hattiesburg for a few days. It was short, but sweet and so overdue! It seemed like every time we tried to head down, someone would get sick or something would come up, and it wouldn't work out. But last Thursday, we were able to pack up and go.

I woke up that morning to loud thunder and rain falling, but this did not deter me. I don't think anything could have stopped this trip!

The kids were so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Moser and Uncle Jason and it was easy to wake them due to all the anticipation. :)

On the way down, we stopped in Madison to visit my best friend Emily, and her children: Anne-Elise, Ava, and new baby Jak. Let me stop right here and say that I am so thankful for my friendship with Emily. Through the years we've remained as close as we ever were, if not closer. When I walked in Em's door (which was decorated with a sweet drawing for us with my kids' names on it! how sweet!) the first thing I said was, "how come I haven't been here before now?!" In fact, I'm already planning and scheming for the next visit. :D

My kids *love* to play with Emily's kids, and between the two of us, we have a serious crew! It is such a joy to see our little ones play together. I just love it! Thankfully they all play great together (except for when one of my boys forgets the delicate sweetness of girls) and give me and Em time to talk about the 2,347,987,234 things we always seems to squish into a visit. I am so thankful for our friendship that has remained and strengthened through the years. It is refreshing to get together and share our lives with each other and pick up right where we left off from the time before. Of course, there is no shortage of serious belly laughs (which are so needed for the mamafolk). It is just........good. Visiting Em is like drinking a great cup of coffee: rich, strong, and satisfying. So thankful for this short, but fun visit!

Me and Emily

Ava. Gracious what an adorable child!!

Sad Ava.

Anne-Elise and Dori. They're buddies. They share love of art among other things.

Multiplication. And poor baby Jak isn't even in the shot. Somehow I missed him in all the festivities. He is so so cute, though.

After spending a few hours with the Kines family, we headed for Grandma's house. The kids love to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the same reasons I used to love to go over to their house. Grandma *always* has yummy cookies. The yard is huge and has flowers and a swing set in it. Grandpa has cartoons ready and waiting to be watched and enjoyed. Grandma has tiny little juice cups for breakfast time. It is fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

We also spent a good bit of time with Uncle Jason. I guess you could say that this visit James and Jason "bonded," lol. For some reason, at every meal, James sat next to Uncle Jason and would reach over and grab Jason's arm. Then grin at him with a loving smile. It was quite comical. Who knows what James was thinking, but thankfully, Jason went along and they are big buddies now.

This is Dori at Uncle Jason's house

Micah, Jason, Dori, and Judson at the back of Grandma's yard. Old, random boat in back ground.

Observing old, random boat.

Pears in the yard.

Dori, Jason, Micah, and James in front of Grandpa's shed.

Um..ok, so James wanted to take a picture. There were 5 other people that were supposed to be in this shot but James said, "I wanna take a picture of him." And then to our surprise he did! Hahaha.

Me and Jason. Rare moment. Everyone hold your breath!

I like this one....

Swingin' at Grandma's

Dori discovered this old book of Fairy Tales and told me that she decided she would read it through cover to cover without skipping over the fairy tales she already knew OR the ones that seemed boring in the beginning. Ok, then. Jason was worried he'd offended Dori because she came inside to read while all the boys were throwing the football. I assured him this is normal and in fact happens fairly regularly.

James in Uncle Jason's racecar.

James and Ginger. Judson running away from Ginger.

Before bed reading.

The boys are in desperate need of haircuts, which will be remedied this Friday. However, while at Grandma's, they were needing some hair help. Grandpa obliged.
"I can only do so much, Melanie...." :P

Here's Grandma! She was making a delicious ham dinner and stopped to smile and let me get a photo. Many, many, many memories of Grandma in this spot serving her family and feeding us well.

Judson wasn't feelin' this shot.

It was a great, albeit short, visit. I'm thankful we were able to go....for the weather not being too terrible, for safe travels, laughter, loving, sharing, good food, good times. Till the next time.......

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