Monday, October 12, 2009

James' 4th Birthday!

The Castle cake I spent two days making! The "rocks" are hazelnut candies. James sneaked into the "rocks" as you will see later.

Judson enjoying the birthday balloon..."banoon" as he says it.

Micah and James discussing the presents. :D

Happy Birthday, My sweet love James! Aunt Amanda got him the shield, helmet, and sword set. Notice the missing rocks. :P

Sir James!

Very happy about his new cars from Mama Linda and Pappaw!

Micah, James, and Mason. Emmy's arm.

Micah, James, and Mason. Emmy's feet.

more shots of the castle cake:

The little orange thing is a fishy. He got eaten along with the rocks.

My little James is four now. It is so hard to believe. God gave him to me at just the right time and I am so very thankful for this precious child. He loves big and hard and marches to his own beat. He had a wonderful day and I love him so.

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