Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It is fitting that the day after I post about my sweet little James, he would pull some of his antics this morning. This brings to mind several James episodes that I will share.

*This morning James took the scissors and cut a huge portion of his hair to the root. He said he needed a mohawk.

*Last night I caught him with a marker....all over his bedroom walls, arms, legs, and face.

*Yesterday afternoon when I finally emerged from the bedroom (I've been sick) I found an empty sugar bag on the counter. Next to it was a jar candle filled to the brim with sugar. Across from that was a bowl overflowed with sugar and finally...in the sink was a layer of sugar.

All this occurred in just 2 days, people! Take it in!

This is the child who greets me every morning with a warm hug and sweet kisses. He regularly climbs in my lap, wraps his soft arms around my neck and whispers in my ear, "I wuv you, Mommy."

He is so very loving and yet his antics show over and over that you don't have to teach a child to do wrong...that ole sin nature is evident!

I love James. He reminds me of how I often "do naughty things" and make a mess of stuff. I don't mark on the walls, but I do often mark all over the figurative walls of my life because I'm not obedient to my Heavenly Father and my sin nature/flesh wins out over the Spirit.

I'm so thankful for these lessons God shows me through observing my four year old's life. Now to schedule a visit to the barber shop.......


  1. Bless it. Does it just amaze you the warp speed at which kids can get into stuff? I hope you are feeling better and that the barber can fix his hair. At least he is a boy! :)

  2. Yeah, no kidding! He also got into paint this morning. Seeing your FB status inspired me to get out of my blog slump. :D