Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Humble Abode

Here are some pictures of our very first home. I took these right after we moved in this past June, so things are a little different now. This home is such a blessing from God! So many people had a part in helping us buy it, pack, move, paint it, fix the yard up, etc. etc. This list is LONG of all those who so graciously helped the Hardage's purchase and move into our home. I love, love, love this house and I'm reminded all the time how blessed we are to have it. THANK YOU TO ALL who helped and thanks most of all to our Heavenly Father. He is good!

Entry way

James and Judson's room

Kid's Bathroom

Dori's *bright* room. :D


More toys in the "toy area."


Music/reading room


Music room

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